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Place eggs in Augmented Reality and leave a secret inside.
In a similar fashion to an Easter egg hunt, users go to different locations to find these eggs and to reveal their secrets.

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  • Place an Egg

    The idea behind Heya is to provide a new mean of communicating through virtual objects placed in a real world environment. A user goes to a certain location and places a virtual object, here in essence an egg, and leaves a secret message inside.

  • Insert a Message

    What to insert inside your egg? Here are just a few examples to get you started: fortune cookies like quotes, picture or video taken at the scene, instructions for the location of a real physical object hidden nearby, coupons or gift cards to reward those who came to the location, etc.

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  • Toggle Visibility

    Have something personal or special to say? Make your egg hidden to ensure only those you've shared it with will see it on their map.

  • Discover Eggs

    Discover new eggs all over the world, during your walks or while you're travelling. Our eggs database is growing fast, so it's sure you'll easily find something to open around you!

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  • Open Eggs

    You can only reveal the content of an egg once you are close enough from it. Otherwise, you still have to walk a little toward its direction!

  • Comment your Discovery

    Spread the love by leaving a message on the egg you open. Every user who has been at the location and who has opened that egg are now connected through a chat.

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